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Our Story:

We bring you the story of the creators of Role Playing Games League, which we lovingly refer to as the RPGL.

Driven by a love and passion for the games, gamers, gaming community, we have always wanted to find a way to bring all of these to the rest of the world. We have come up with a way to do this, and are sharing it with you here. We have formed a community resource which allows gamers to find other like minded gamers, to find fantasticly fun experiences with our partners covering the full gamut of artists, streamers, brick and mortar stores, conventions, and even developers!

As young boys in the 80’s, we loved fantasy and adventure. The staple of the era was of course Dungeons & Dragons*, choose your own adventure novels, high science fiction novels, action cartoons, and comic books. My brothers and I would ride our bikes to the nearest bookstore to hunt down the next big adventure in print. We didn’t want to just watch someone else’s story, we wanted to live our own!

We tore into D&D and every gaming system that came on its heels, playing different characters, exploring new powers, and creating our own abilities for thousands of hours of enjoyment. What we didn’t expect was the learning and passion for learning that this developed in us. We look back now and reflect on all the reading, math, and just pure creative genius we employed in all our gaming campaigns! Man it has been fun!

Well, as you might have noticed, our dreams aren’t unique. Our entire culture has been driven by the same love. Just look at how this passion has driven gaming and movies. It has inspired a full resurgeance in the current generation! RPGL’s story extends into you, the masses, as we have all loved it so much that we are collectively bringing our stories to life in movies, music, games, and art, then sharing them across the globe.

This is where RPGL’s current projects have come full circle. We too are looking to give back to the world our love, passion, fun, enjoyment, and experiences! This is just the beginning of our dream… make a system that embraces all role playing games and allows their to be win-win gaming for all! We have created an unparalleled 'Session Feedback' system for us all. At RPGL you can use our system to find extremely casual games, or take a step into a more challenging environment where you’re learning and developing your own role playing through our 'Session Feedback' with your fellow gamers. All of this while earning prizes and rewards, just for having fun with us!

With a combined Tabletop Storytelling Role Playing Games (TSRPG) experience of over 60 years and the desire to advance the entire TSRPG world. We have made it our absolute goal to bring the TSRPG Industry to an all new level of popularity and enjoyment. Please join us in the adventures to come!



Our website is still in development.

We are nearing completion in bringing this plan to the masses. Never fear, we don't give up!

The setbacks we have encountered have only worked to strengthen our resolve. We have moved away from external developers and are now building it with our own expert developers. Three cheers for our hard working web developers! Meanwhile we continue pushing forward, look for our site to change dramatically over this year, and bring out awesome new features!

We will be bringing our vision out in multiple deployments. The initial release will get us going, and each release after will bring huge changes, new features, ultimately building a community unlike any other!


Develop your skills

With Tabletop Storytelling Role Playing Games (TSRPG) jumping into mainstream popularity the industry is able to expand in ways that haven't been seen until just recently. There is even a strong call for 'professional' gamers and game masters. We are leading the path, planting the seeds that will grow the industry, and help develop everything, even these amazing professional entertainers.


Track your Game

For us it is not enough to just create a place to post your game and game invites. We will be bringing constructive feedback among players, out of character communications with game masters, friend finding, story making, and even an ecommerce store to get your favorite merchandise at highly competetive prices!


Looking to Play?

Yes you!

Come join us! RPGLeague games is already very active in the community. We have continuously been building connections while we build up our website to support our extremely expanding functionality in 2024, we look forward to working with you, where you are!

RPGLeague is also more than just gamers; it's a trifecta of partnerships. Would you like to have your store and/or convention join our expansive community partners. We develop win-win relationships, looking to benefit our gamers and our community with rewards and awards always in development.

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* Photos used with permission from ArcKnight & Catalyst Games
* Dungeons and Dragons is wholey owned by Wizards of the Coast and is not associated with